Pest Control in Chester, NJMerlin’s Pest Control provides Chester residents with expedited insect and wildlife removal. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are insect free throughout the year. With our commercial plans and residential plans, customers can expect to have their building examined four times per year. We use innovative techniques and only EPA approved products that are environmentally thoughtful so you can feel comfortable while we rid your home from fleas & ticks, ants, termites and more.

Merlin’s Pest Control in Chester, NJ

Our family owned and operated business has been serving the community since 1988, building connections in the area and creating a reputation based on honesty and integrity. Our pest control technicians will work with you to design a pest control plan that meets your needs. If you schedule a plan with us before 1pm, we will provide you with some day pest control services!

Even during those dreary winter months, squirrels still sneak their way through crawlspaces, attics and chimneys. Often times, frozen pipes, leaks and electrical fires are caused by squirrels. Let our team rid your home from squirrels immediately with our fast-acting methods. In addition to this, we provide raccoon removal and bird removal.

Contact Merlin’s Pest Control at 972.627.0500 for pest control services in Chester, NJ.