Pest Control in Flemington NJA Borough in Hunterdon NJ, Flemington is a dynamic town with numerous events such as the Flemington Restaurant Week and Salsa Night. Flemington is filled with railways, Victorian homes and an array of outlet shopping areas. The Paint Party Studio is perfect for families and friends looking to spend a night doing arts and crafts. Although there is an abundance of things to do in the town of Flemington, critters and animals can come bustling through your doors. At Merlin’s Pest Control we provide residents with fast and reliable pest control as well as immediate exterminators.

Merlin’s Pest Control in Flemington NJ

Our professional staff offers expedited ant extermination in Flemington NJ along with raccoon removal, chipmunk removal and an array of other pest control services. Do it yourself methods are never advised for ridding your home of carpenter ants as this can put you in harm’s way.

Especially for those with hardwood floors or wooden walls, termites love to squeeze their way into these areas and begin to start chomping. These silent destroyers can completely jeopardize the structural integrity of your home, costing your hundreds in repair. At Merlin’s Pest Control, we apply a special adhesive to properly and efficiently remove termites from your Flemington, New Jersey home. If you don’t eliminate termites immediately, millions of them can build colonies straight through your home.

Our other services include:

Additionally, Merlin’s Pest Control is here to tackle all your mice problems with our Service including mice extermination. Some info about the hazards of mice:

  • Breed year round
  • Adaptable to any environment
  • Fit through holes smaller than our bodies
  • Create holes in walls & floorboards

We can remove any other type of pest from your home and offer a 110% guarantee rate. Our team makes sure to inspect every inch of your Flemington NJ home from ceiling, attic, roof and every other room in your residence. Give us a call today for pest control removal in Flemington NJ.