Pest Bites & Stings in Budd Lake, NJ; Do Spiders, Ants & Cockroaches Bite or Sting?

Although both insect bites and stings are painful, there is a huge difference between them. Venomous insects sting and inject painful toxic venom while non-venomous insects bite and inject anti-coagulant saliva so they can feed on your blood. Examples of venomous insects that sting include bees, wasps and hornets. Venomous stings cause local reactions at the site of the sting such as pain, redness, swelling and possibly even allergic reactions. In some individuals, a dangerous systemic reaction may occur causing problems with breathing and circulation. Examples of non-venomous insects that sting include mosquitoes, bed bugs and ticks. Non-venomous bites can spread illnesses like Lyme Disease, encephalitis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Everyone knows that bees sting and bed bugs bite but what about other common pests found in our homes such as spiders, ants and cockroaches?

Merlin’s Pest Control Lists Pests & Whether You Need to Be Concerned About Them Biting Or Stinging

Do Spiders Bite?: When it comes to spiders they top most people’s list of pests they are concerned about. They are a pest that are not typically found in large swarms in homes but a few around is enough to scare people. The reason that many people are concerned is because spiders do actually bite. They are not known to just go after a person and bite them but they will bite when they feel threatened. They have a set of fangs that many spiders will use to inject venom into the person. This venom can be dangerous to some people and could send you to a medical professional. If you want to have spiders dealt with around your home it is always best to hire a pest control company.
Can Cockroaches Bite & Transmit Disease?: Cockroaches are one of the pests that can easily get out of control quickly. They are fast at reproducing and that means that a few can easily turn into a huge infestation. A cockroach has the ability to bite a person but the situation would have to be extremely dire for the cockroach to do that. A cockroach is going to feed on any food source that it can find. On the very rare occasion where the area a cockroach is living becomes very infested and food becomes scarce, they have been known to start to feed on a person. Usually they were found trying to feed on the fingernails or eyelashes of the person but it is so rare that you could say that cockroaches generally won’t bite.
Do Ants Bite Or Sting: One of the biggest problems with ants is when you happen upon an ant hill and you didn’t realize they were there. The ants will quickly start to bite your feet and potentially crawl up your leg. The problem is that ants live in a colony and that means that there can be thousands of ants in one area. Ants do bite and will bite if you get too close. There are some ants like the fire ant that will sting a person and inject venom into the person. The bite or the sting will cause some irritation. One of the most damaging ants that are found in homes are carpenter ants. They chew away at the wood beams in your home which can lead to damage that will need to be repaired.

Professional Pest Management

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