Pavement Ants AKA sugar ants, piss ants, kitchen ants

Pavement ants are the smallish brown ants characterized by ant hills and an association with construction. Out in a yard the ant hills stand out, but when nesting in or around a sidewalk the ant hill may not be as noticeable but loose pieces of dirt will accumulate. These ants can seemingly show up out of nowhere when food is dropped. Pavement ants that nest in homes and other heated structures can be active all year round.

June and July is when pavement ants have their swarms. Like termites pavement ants have winged reproductives that fly out to mate. Unlike termites the swarmers are not black, do not loose their wings, and are joined by workers. Many people confuse the pavement ant reproductives with termites. I strongly recommend a sample be shown to an experienced professional including at a Rutgers Extension Coop center, there is one in each county.

Pavement ant foragers feed a large number of other workers in colonies that can number in the thousands. This fact is why general type sprays usually fail. Specialized treatments are usually required for success. The ability of these colonies to continually expand gives strong reason to eliminate them as soon as they are discovered in or around your home or place of business.

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