Odors in Homes

As the snow falls again from Hampton to Hampton ( yes there are two in NJ) and from Washington to Washington ( there are more than two ) we recently received a call from Hampton about an ugly odor in a house. The presumption was this was a dead animal odor. All mammals put off an odor when they die due to body moisture, mice however have very little body moisture so they rarely leave a noticeable odor. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to positively locate the source that is hidden behind a wall. I once met a homeowner in Mahwah that spent $4,000.00 ( in 1976) trying to find and remove a dead rat. The odor disapated before it was located. You may be sure which opening the odor is coming from but how far the odor travelled behind the wall you don’t know. The best recommendation we can give is to place small cups with Febreze in them out to absorb the odor. Febreze will actually absorb odor; it does not try to overpower it like most products do.


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