Noise at night – eating, running, scratching in walls, attic, etc

‘ I hear noise at night’, it could sound like running, scratching, eating, elephants,etc. This is a very common issue, particularly in fall and winter. If the noise is at night, from dark to dawn, it is from a rodent most commonly mice. Sometimes it may be a very similar rodent with almost identical droppings which is the flying squirrel. Both are treated the same so we will consider them equals. Nocturnal noises whether early in the pm or in the middle of the night can be serious sleep disruptors. More importantly these rodents are among the leading causes of fires in buildings and need to be addressed seriously. The are many options for rodent control which are dependent upon the exact situation which include rodent baits, a large variety of specialized glued boards, tracking powder, snap traps, and mechanical traps. Expertise and experience are often required to best determine the best approach and are certainly required if the pests prove difficult.

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