Never Trash mattress and/or box spring because of Bedbugs

Bedbugs have now become one of the most common pests and are Equal Opportunity Infesters. Area, income, home values, rental rates, gender, race, or education have no effect on the bedbug’s ability or desire to infest. Bedbugs are also the most difficult to eliminate of pests, requiring professional treatments with significant occupant cooperation.
A common but unfortunate ( and very expensive) false belief is to discard/ trash your mattress and/or box spring because of a bedbug infestation. This is a poor idea for many reasons. First by carrying the items out you will spread the bedbugs around more so than they already are making elimination extremely difficult. The bedbugs will not sit still while they are being dragged out. If you live a condo, townhouse or multi-family you will probably spread bedbugs to your neighbors.
RARELY, I do mean very rarely, will the majority of the bedbug population live in or on the bedding. Regardless of how many you may find on the bed (mattresses or box springs) the vast majority of bedbugs usually live somewhere else. They are called bedbugs because in bed is where most people are at bedbug feeding time. In other words removing the bed does not reduce or eliminate the bedbug population. The only proven way to eliminate a bedbug population is by a very thorough and meticulous treatment done after some good prep work by the occupants.

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