Mouse in the house

The past few weeks have resulted in a large number of calls about mice in houses. The calls have come from Denville, Boonton, Morristown, Mountain Lakes, Bridgewater, and some from Flemington. When mice start entering houses before the first frost it usually indicates a hard winter. Mice can enter through any 1/4 inch opening in/around a house. These openings may be normal and not structural flaws or they may be openings that should be sealed better. Mice can easily climb 3 stories up particularly brick, stucco, masonry, and in AC line leaders. Mice will defecate, leave droppings, while they run wherever they are and will urinate similarly. This behavior causes widespread contamination as the mice will run over every surface including bath and kitchen counters. It is very important that mice be eliminated as soon as they are noticed. Mice cause house fires by gnawing on electric wiring and contaminate everything in sight and therefore have no purpose in our homes. Popular methods include glue boards, snap traps, repeating traps, tin cat traps, and bait. All bait should be in a plastic bait box to protect non target pets as well as people.

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