Mosquito bites, control and heart worm

Mosquitoes are known transmitters of diseases including heart worm. This fact makes any mosquito bite disconcerting. Most people will get very uncomfortable if they begin to think they MAY get bit by a mosquito. This is based on rational scientific knowledge. Many people may not also know that their family dog(s) also can suffer from a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes carry heart worm and just one bite can infect your pet. Merlin’s Pest Control strongly recommends regular heart worm medication as provided by your dog’s vet. The snow is melting and temps are rising and soon the Woodland Pool Mosquitoes will be out. These mosquitoes will develop in standing water that collects in depressions in the ground from Spring rains and melting snows. These depressions do not have to be deep in the woods they can be in your yard do not let the name- Woodland Pool Mosquito- mislead you.The woodland pool mosquitoes generally have one generation per year. Eggs have been and again this year will be deposited in the moist soil surrounding these depressions during late spring. The eggs have remained in a dry condition and this years batch will remain in a dry condition until next spring. Summer rain and/or flooding will not trigger hatching. The eggs will hatch in the relatively cold water in early spring. By late April or early May the adults will emerge, mate, and feed on blood. The females will need blood meals!!  May is typically the month of greatest activity. The Aedes canadenis, woodland pool mosquito, will be the first of many mosquitoes to threaten us. A comprehensive mosquitoes control program must begin in April.

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