More Mice in the Winter

Here we are. It certainly is winter. This time of year mice are the most active pest. This is particularly true in harsh winters like this one. If you are reading this from Florida you have my envy. Mice are not cute things they are major causes of fires and a major vector of disease. Knowingly allowing mice to exist in your home or business is a very hazardous thing to do. Two of the most note worthy diseases are Hanta virus and Lyme disease. Mice have also been identified as a source of an allergen that is a major cause of asthma and allergic rhinitis. New Jersey is home to more than one specie of mice. The house mouse of is course very common but also species such as deer mice and white-footed mice are common and may be found in buildings. This expert of over 39 years has found five different varieties of mice in New Jersey homes and businesses. I have even found more than one specie infesting a house together! Mice are very productive, one female can produce 40 to 60 offspring in a year. The mice living in a nice house may live for two years.Mice have been known to travel 100 feet a night to forage for food and they have also been known never to leave the pallet they are in if it has enough food for them. This wide foraging potential can make mice elimination a bit tricky at times.

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