Mice- Habits and Bait Choice

Mice are very prolific and are currently the most prominent pest. Mice like most animals are hardwired- todays lingo or rely on instinct- yesterdays lingo to survive. They do things without ‘thinking’ that their inbred and inborn nature forces them to do.

One curious behavior is to store food. Whenever mice find a ready supply of food that exceeds their daily needs they remove the food from its source and store it in hidden places they choose. The stored food will remain hidden until and unless it is needed. It is possible it may never be eaten. It is common in mice infestations to find a pile of food in a roll of fiberglass insulation, in an empty box, or some other similar hiding place the mice can easily find and get in to. If one was to use a loose bait of say corn meal the mice would quickly remove it from its box and place into storage.

The mice may not even eat enough of it to poison themselves while doing this. The homeowner sees the bait disappearing and thinks the mice have eaten it and must be dying. But in fact they may not be at all. If the homeowner is cautious and replaces the bait , with the same stuff since it worked so well, the next set of packages may remain untouched.

The homeowner of course would soon bear the effects of treatment failure- MORE ACTIVITY!  This is the main reason most professional choose wax blocks of rodent bait. The mice must eat it. They are unable to relocate the bait blocks unless they chew the bait off the block at which point they will enjoy some since they went through that much effort. Successful results are predicated on science including pest behaviors.

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