Mice ExterminatorEliminating a mice infestation is easier than other rodent infestations. Merlin’s exterminators will thoroughly inspect your home, locating the adult mice and their babies. Since mice are curious creatures, our mice exterminators use this to our advantage. We use innovative bait and trap techniques that encourage the mice to investigate the changes we make to their environment. Before long, the mice find and consume our specially formulated powder, which puts an end to the infestation.

Merlin’s Mice Exterminator


  • Extraordinarily adaptable to almost any environment
  • Mice can cause structural damage as well as destruction to furniture, electrical wires, clothing, and books by constant chewing
  • Spreads diseases from their droppings, urine, and saliva
  • Breed year round
  • Can create holes in walls and floorboards and are commonly found in undisturbed areas such as walls, crawl spaces, and storage boxes
  • Fit through holes smaller than their bodies
  • One female mouse can produce as many as 10 litters in one year causing rapid mice infestations

Rodent populations can grow and quickly spread throughout your home. Merlin’s rat and mice exterminators will resolve your rodent problem while taking necessary measures to prevent other rats or mice from entering your home in the future.

Our rodent services include exterminating the pests, sealing or closing any openings within the structure of the home and monitoring of the home or building to ensure customer satisfaction. Call us today to get rid of any mice living in your home or building.