group of mice

Mice Again

group of miceMany people in our area have seemingly never ending ongoing mice issues. Jersey City, Hoboken or suburban Springfield, Union, Wayne even more rustic places like Kinnelon, Lebanon, or Ringoes all have large natural rodent populations. These are out of sight, constantly reproducing, naturally occurring, growing numbers of mice. Within these populations every year some percentage will gain entry into homes, offices, schools, etc. There is currently no known method to predetermine what percentage of mice will be endeavoring to enter a building, no way to determine a particular property’s pest pressure. It is with this fact in mind that rodent proofing and exterior bait stations need to be considered. Rodent proofing is a mechanical control that eliminates access points for rodents. Reducing accessibility does not guarantee that mice cannot or will not gain entry but it greatly reduces the number of mice that even try. Exterior bait stations work on the fact that if you eliminate mice on the outside the will not live to get inside. Both of these IPM methods have proven themselves to be very successful. If chronic mouse activity is a problem you should consider these two options.

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