Meet The Carpenter Bees

Perhaps it has happened to you. Maybe on your property, a relative’s, a friend’s, or a neighbor’s. A large plump bee flying just off the tip of your nose is staring you down. Yes, this bee is fully intending to intimidate you to leave. This happens every spring in Ringoes, Somerville, Califon, or any other town in New Jersey.

Welcome to the Carpenter Bee. Carpenter Bees get their name from the fact they chew ‘drill’ a 1/2 inch hole into wood to make a small nest. Each female can and does build multiple nests throughout the season. The nest will quickly tee off from the entry hole and go about 6 more inches in both directions with the grain of the wood. Females will lay eggs, supply food for the larvae, and then do it again.

A DIY treatment of the hole opening will not be successful due to the construction of the nest. Bees will sense the chemical and drill a new way out. It takes a thorough effort with specialized equipment to fully exterminate Carpenter Bees.

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