Kill Yellow Jackets

Now is the time to kill yellow jackets. Their populations are reaching a peak which means more of them are out foraging causing a greater risk of stings. Yellow jacket stings send many people to the doctor’s office, emergency clinics, and hospitals every year. Daily activity is at its peak and it is hard to keep all these pests away from people. Signs of a nest include seeing the free hanging covered nest,seeing yellow jackets flying into a spot/hole in a house, or seeing them flying in and out of a ground nest near a bush or shrub. Inside you may hear a noise like crumbling cellophane seemingly all day and into the night, if so DO NOT tap on the wall or ceiling as you may break through to the nest and it will go badly. This is the time of the season when the current queen will lay a batch of eggs that will develop into fertile queens for next year. Once this occurs the nest becomes even more overprotective and prone to stinging!! Due to the risk of multiple stings from yellow jackets, the large number in each colony currently, and the specialized techniques and equipment required to eliminate these nests we recommend it be done by a professional. The time for inexperienced DIY has passed.

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