Keeping Gray Squirrels Away from Your Basking Ridge, NJ Home

Gray squirrels are determined critters that can create a tremendous amount of damage to your home and business. Gray squirrels will build nests in the attic, eves and crawl spaces or wherever insulation is available. Since they constantly have to chew to maintain the size of their teeth, they can easily tear through your home. They often chew on electrical wire and the wood framing of a structure which can cause serious issues for the property owner.

If you live in an area with a large gray squirrel population, you are much more likely to end up with a squirrel problem. Be wary of bird feeders as these are very likely to attract gray squirrels as well. After this, they will look for shelter near the food source.

Consider installing a squirrel proof cap or vent cover to prevent squirrel entry. Guarding gable vents are a great way to minimize the entry points. Cleaning your gutters will also help to prevent squirrel baths and water damage. Remember, gray squirrels can jump over 6 feet and 8 feet across, so make sure to cut tree limbs back.

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