Keep Pests Out of Your Parsippany-Troy Hills NJ Home & Garden; Spring Pest Prevention & Control

Spring time brings on a host of many activities; outdoor social events, flowers bloom, grass gets green, trees get blossoms and leaves, homeowners busy themselves with home improvements and spring cleaning. While you are doing the home improvements and spring cleaning, it couldn’t hurt to help fortify your home against pests that try to skitter into your castle.

Merlin’s Pest Control would like to share with you some helpful pest prevention tips.

1. Kitchen Pest Prevention. Make sure all food spills are thoroughly cleaned up and food containers are properly stored. Cardboard boxes, paper bags or flimsy plastic sacks cannot keep a determined pest out of your food. Baking products, snacks, cereals and even pet food need to be adequately sealed. Insects are at the most active in the spring. Looking for food sources is what generally attracts them inside your home.
2. Pest Perimeter Inspection. Walking around the exterior and interior of your home, you should ensure there are not any holes, gaps, cracks or crevices. Windows and doors should be inspected, and if you can see light through the frame, weather stripping needs to be replaced. Any holes or other such entry points need to be sealed with caulk or patch jobs to help hinder the critters from infiltrating your abode. Service pipes are also likely candidates for easy access, be sure they are properly guarded.
3. Check Leaky Drains for Flies & Pests. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garages and basements are typical. If there are leaky pipes or fixtures conduct efficient repairs. Insects and vermin are also looking for water sources and leaky pipes or fixtures are perfect. Keep the water and food contained and if pests slip in they will likely move on for convenient sources.
4. Pest Proof Garbage Cans. Most pests will consume garbage for food, or even use remnants for nesting purposes. Keeping the trash lids tightly secured will help prevent the critters from finding a likely resource.
5. Remove Pest Attracting Clutter. Any unwanted piles of clutter should be removed. Magazines or related items, junk mail, clothes, linens, books, and other materials make good food and nests. Many pests hunker down in undisturbed places to feel warm and secure. Eliminate as many as possible, including going through closets. Donation center, recycling facilities or garbage dumps are all places where the appropriate goods could be placed if no longer valued or needed in your home.
6. Home Exterior Cleaning Tips. Just as clearing away clutter piles inside your home is important, you should do the same outside. Firewood should be neatly organized away from the home as possible. Dispose of landscaping materials such as limbs, leaves, sticks, clipped grass and related landscape debris. Clear away building materials like bricks and stones and either donate them or neatly organize them away from your home. Keep garbage container lids on tight and secure.
7. Hire a Professional Exterminator. Schedule routine pest control maintenance visits with Merlin’s Pest Control. Our professionals can minimize pests and control their population with routine visits to keep your home and yard pest free.

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