It is Winter and I have Ants

Yes it is winter and many people live under the false assumption that insects, bugs, pests just disappear. This is just not the case. We have been receiving and will continue to receive calls about homes, apartments, offices ,etc that are infested with some amount of ants. Pavement ants and carpenter ants can and do live within heated structures. The ants natural instinct is to settle down for the winter. However the heating keeps the ants metabolism running higher than normal and the ants have the need to forage for additional food prior to spring. In some settings the ants stay fully active all winter because of the heat, nest location, and having been active through previous winters. Winter ant treatments may take months rather than weeks to be fully effective because the ants metabolism is running slower than in warmer months and the materials take much longer to be fully effective. We have found that at this time of year many ants have a desire for sweets like sugar, chocolates, hard candies, and similar items. We receive many interesting calls regarding Christmas or Valentine Day chocolates. Ants that end up in coffee or tea because they had not been noticed before the sugar was added always bring colorful comments. If you have noticed any ants during the warmer months you may want to keep an eye out during winter to prevent similar surprises.

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