Inspecting For Bedbugs

Now is good time to be on high alert for bedbugs. If you visited anyone during the holidays or had any visitors I would recommend to start carefully examining your bed sheets for a potential infestation.  If you have any reason to suspect bedbugs, you should have every one watch their skin closely for bites.

Bedbugs are known as “transport bugs, meaning they must be transported from one place to another. Some like to say that Bedbugs are the “great hitchhikers of the world”, sounds too admirable for me. Bedbugs feed off of people and need people to relocate. Many times an infestation may begin with a very small number of 1,2, or 3 bedbugs and grow from there. Female bedbugs will lay an egg each day after mating, they do not need to mate every day sorry to say.

So the population will grow literally one by one. Bedbugs normally only feed once every five days so at first bites will hardly be noticeable but once the population has reach a certain level the bites become hard to miss and the infestation is discovered. This entire process may take up to three months!

Bedbugs are insidious pests, they are very difficult to eradicate and require significant prep work. the sooner they are noticed and addressed the sooner and easier they are gone!

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