Importance of Winter Service

I am still surprised after all these years at the number of people that question the need for winter services. Irregardless of how cold a particular winter is or the amount of snowfall, pests are still present. Years ago as a sales tool I used to ‘bet’ prospective customers during winter months that since they were not seeing any bugs and were convinced the pests disappeared for winter that during my free demonstration of an exterior winter service, if I located any bugs then they would immediately sign up for our home service program with out reservation. I would then take them around their homes as I plodded through whatever amount of snow was present and would always find at least a few bugs that would drop down trying to escape my spray. Most of the time the homeowner was stunned. Every winter in New Jersey is followed by spring. Every spring pests seem to pop out of nowhere and also to multiply daily. These pests came from areas on structures that they routinely hide in through the winter. These same areas are routinely treated during winter service thereby reducing the number of pests available to become active when the weather breaks. This falls under the concept ‘an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and is the reason that Merlin’s Pest Control still maintains four scheduled services per annual service program. We know it is important.

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