Importance of Bird Control in Bedminster, NY; Pigeon Infestation Risks, Diseases Humans Can Catch, Property Damage & More

There are many different types of pests that we face on a daily basis. One being those that dominate the skies. Nuisance birds, mostly pigeons, create major problems for homes, commercial buildings and even parking garages. The two major problems of having pigeons and other birds hanging around are the diseases and damages that they can cause. These two reasons are why it is important to consider having a pest management plan for birds. Merlin’s Pest Control will share some of the diseases and damage that birds pose to our lives and homes, to help folks understand the importance of bird control.

Pigeon Infestation Risks; Diseases Humans Can Catch

Some of the known diseases that birds carry are viruses, bacteria, mycotic (or fungal) protozoal and rickettsial. These diseases are now carried from place to place with birds such as pigeons, doves, and other smaller birds such as sparrows. Birds also carry parasites that contribute to the spreading of these diseases. Fortunately, direct interactions with these birds are limited. This helps prevent humans from contracting from many of these disease. However pigeons, doves, and sparrows have adapted to living among humans very successfully. This now poses more of a health risk than ever before. Birds can spread these diseases by roosting or nesting near our HVAC units or air vents. The parasites they carry also help spread diseases, and even through their feces. Direct contact with birds and their feces can also transmit disease. This is why when cleaning up after a bird infestation you must use proper safety measures such as using gloves and breathing masks.

Birds Cause Damages to Buildings & Structures

Roosting birds can cause major damages to roof tops, automobile surfaces, masonry, and outdoor machinery such as HVAC units. Nesting bird will leave behind small stick feathers and other forms of debris that can clog and get into your HVAC system causing damage that will need repair, not to mention the disease they are now infecting your interior air with. Now let’s talk about their feces. Most folks don’t realize that bird poop, pee, and laying their eggs with their cloaca; which means they all share the same canal which they use to leave behind their deposits. So when a bird poops they also pee which leaves behind an extremely corrosive substance. When birds leave behind their waste on your roof tops or any other place for a long period of time, their waste will begin to corrode and eat away at the contacted surface, which is why it is important to prevent birds from using your home, commercial building, or property for long term roosting or nesting.

Bird Control Methods

However when it comes to controlling birds, the only way is to prevent their intrusion, meaning you use devices to ward or prevent birds from landing or roosting on ledges, roof tops or other areas birds will likely use to roost or nest. Merlin’s Pest Control can help set up these devices in the areas prone to bird intrusion. If you currently do not have bird preventive measures around your home or property, contact Merlin’s Pest Control today to prevent the damages and diseases that they may leave behind.

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