How to remove, catch, trap, squirrels wildlife

How do you catch squirrels? First you need a squirrel trap, preferably a one side opening trap. Traps which have both ends open are not necessary for squirrels and the extra size becomes a hinderance. Second you need a bait, an attractant, something that will get the squirrel to enter the trap with gusto so it will spring the door shut. This is what can separate the men for the boys, the girls from the women, knowing/ finding out what it takes to get a squirrel into a trap. This can be brain shattering. I have caught 3 squirrels in a hour, I have also had it take two months to catch 3 squirrels. Most situations you will be after a family of 3 to 5 squirrels. Rarely, it may only be a single mother squirrel. With this in mind you may want to address the problem with multiple traps at once. Now may be a good time to point out how destructive squirrels are. They are the number one cause of transformer blowouts; they are a big cause of fires in homes, apartments, townhouses, etc; their openings allow large amounts of rainwater to enter structures and damage everything in its path; and the damage they due to roofs and other structural items are very expensive to repair. The traps need to be set along the squirrels current pathway, whether it be in an attic, on a roof, at the base of a tree, it must be wherever they are currently traveling daily. once caught one needs to remove the squirrels. The recommendation is, and I will tell you it is accurate short cut it at your own expense, over 20 miles and two bodies of water and release them where you have permission into an environment that can sustain them.

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