How to Prevent Flea & Tick Infestations in Your Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ Home & Yard

You may think that fleas and ticks are pests that only affect pets such as dogs and cats but that is not true. A flea or tick is willing to attach to a person and will infest the interior of a home if they are left untreated. The majority of the time our four legged friends are the culprit of bringing in the fleas and the ticks but you can still do several things to prevent this from happening. Merlin’s Pest Control lists what a flea and tick are and what you can do to prevent an infestation.

What is a Flea

A flea is an insect that lives in wooded areas most commonly. They are not able to fly but have great jumping power and can leap from one spot to the next with great ease. They are commonly found hitching a ride on a dog or cat and that same pet then comes into your home. The fleas can jump off and start to infest areas of your home as well as bother the human occupants as well. A flea feeds on the blood of whatever host they are attached too. Many times the sign that fleas are present is the constant itching that your pet may be doing. After a meal of blood, the female can lay her eggs which can hatch as early as two days later. The newly hatched babies will take up a home in nearby mattresses, carpets and other pieces of furniture.

What is a Tick

There are several kinds of ticks that are found commonly in Northern New Jersey. A tick is an arachnid, not actually an insect, and closely related to spiders. These pests also feed on the blood of mammals which include cattle, dogs even humans. They are also found commonly feeding in the blood of birds and some amphibians. The tick will reach over and grab onto passerby’s and then it will embed its head in the skin of that person or animal and feed on the blood to keep up their life cycle. The tick will feed and feed until it is full and then it will release. If you seem to find a tick stuck to you or your pet you want to have it treated properly so that you remove the entire tick without leaving its head in place.

Flea & Tick Prevention for Homes & Yards

Although they can infest your home and other people, fleas and ticks tend to catch a ride on pets first. Your first line of defense is to check over your pet before they come back in the home after they have been playing out in the woods. If you suspect that you have a problem with ticks or fleas you want to contact a pest control company that can come out and inspect for and remove them. Merlin’s Pest Control is standing by to meet your pest control needs!

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