How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders in Budd Lake, NJ; Identification, Habitat, Babies & More

Have you ever been sitting outside or even in your home and happened across a big scary, hairy spider!? You may have been witness to a wolf spider. Spiders are at the top of the list concerning pests that people have a fear of. There are many species of spiders and although there are some that are venomous, many of them are a natural pest control service. The main source of food for many spiders are insects and other pests that happen across their their web or other traps. That means that spiders should not be feared so much … but their quick movement and eight eyes sparkling in the light just make them unnerving. One of the spiders that tend to be feared quite a bit is called the wolf spider. The wolf spider is thought to look very similar to a tarantula although they are not the same.

Merlin Pest Control’s Explains What a Wolf Spider Looks Like & How to Keep Them Away

What Does A Wolf Spider Look Like: The wolf spider is a spider that is feared for their look and size. They are hairy and have thick legs and fangs. They often reach about one and a half inches in length and have shorter legs than spiders that tend to build webs. They are hairy and that is why many people think they might be looking at a tarantula. The problem is that they have the characteristics that other spiders have which are they eight legs and two segmented body. They also have fangs that are sometimes visible if the spider is large enough. They are often found in grey, brown and tan coloring and are not opposed to coming indoors.
Where Do Wolf Spiders Live: The wolf spider will live in just about any type of habitat. They are found in all kinds of areas and commonly invade homes. The interesting thing about wolf spiders is that they do not spin webs to live in or hunt for prey. They live in a burrow in the ground. They will use the burrow to live and can cover it with pebbles or sticks to block the weather. They also are very crafty and can build dams to keep flood water out of the burrow. This is where they hunt from as well.
Wolf Spider Reproduction & Babies: This is one thing that makes wolf spiders a problem for many people. If you see a mother out in the open and you happen to look close enough you may see the eyes of all her young as well. Wolf spider mothers hatch their egg sac and all the new spiderlings will cover her body and hitch a ride. When you go to smash one you may have a hoard of babies on the run.

Wolf Spider Infestation Control

If you want to keep spiders including wolf spiders from getting in your home you want to hire a professional pest control company that can keep your home treated for all kinds of pests. Merlin’s Pest Control offers services to meet all your pest control needs.

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