How to Get Rid of Venomous Spiders Found in Clinton, NJ; Wolf, Black Widow & Brown Recluse Spider Pests

Most people agree that spiders are a year round pest but many think spiders are the biggest problem for home and business owners during the late summer months. Fall is actually the worst time of year in regards to spider populations in the northern hemisphere. The low moisture conditions of summer are not as preferable to spiders than our fall season from October through December. Now is when you want to be most diligent when dealing with spiders so you don’t find one hiding out in one of your shoes!

Merlin’s Pest Control Lists Spider Species Often Found in Northern New Jersey

Wolf Spider: The wolf spider is a large spider and if you see one hanging out it may be a scary sight. They are large and have long skinny legs. They have eight eyes that are lined up in three rows and are brown in color with some yellow markings on their large bodies. They have to be able to blend into their surroundings since they do not live in a web that is suspended in an open area. They actually live in a burrow in the ground so the brown markings help them blend in. They are able to chase their prey and drag them into their hiding spot to make a meal out of it. They may be scary to see hanging around but they are generally not dangerous to a person and will run the other way if they see someone coming.
Black Widow Spider: The black widow spiders gets somewhat of a bad rap. They have in fact been known to bite a person leaving a mark and some irritation but they are a shy species of spider and would rather run and hide then go on the defensive. They are known for their coloring they have which is shiny black as well as the hard to miss red hourglass shape on their abdomen. They have venom which can be irritating and could cause some concern that may need medical attention but the bite is usually by accident. They hide in dark spaces and when you step on them or grab something that they are hiding on they will feel threatened enough to bite.
Brown Recluse Spider: This is another spider that injects venom when they bite and they can have a much bigger reaction with the type of venom they have. They are also not aggressive but will bite if they are cornered or squished. They have a mark that makes them easy to identify. They are brown in color and have a violin shaped mark on their back. They use their web as a place to rest not actually to get prey and trap a meal. If you have a bite that you suspect is from a brown recluse you need to contact a health care professional as soon as possible to get treatment.

Spider Extermination

If you have problems with spiders in your home you should call a professional pest control company to have your home treated. Merlin’s Pest Control are able to get rid of current spider problems and prevent spiders and other pests from being a concern in the future.

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