How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants in Mount Olive, NJ; Signs, Bites, Damage & More

Carpenter ants, as their name implies, are found in wooden environments as they tunnel galleries in them where they live. Often mistaken for termites, these ants are similar in a few ways, but they do not eat the wood like termites. Despite their eating habits, they are still responsible for a considerable amount of damage in different structures. At this time, we at Merlin’s Pest Control would like to shine the spotlight on carpenter ants.

Carpenter Ant Identification

Carpenter ants can measure up to ¾” in length, being one of the largest of the ant species in Virginia. Generally these ants are black in color, but some can have reddish or yellowish coloring. As previously mentioned, they do not eat wood like termites but they do eat other insects, pollen, seeds, and fruit. Preferring to chew their way through damp wood to tunnel galleries for the nests, ants are often found invading dead woods, dying or dead trees, stumps, even buried stumps, as well as wood used to construct structures.

Carpenter Ant Bites

Carpenter ants are capable of biting people, especially if they feel that they or their nests are threatened, and due to their large stature, the bite can be a painful pinch. Sometimes it will even break the skin. A valuable weapon when contending to other insects, carpenter ants will attempt to spray a natural formic acid chemical they produce to enhance the pain if given the opportunity.

Signs of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant red flags may include the following:
Rustling movement sounds subtly in the background as they scatter within the walls. Typically the faint sound is heard while they are infesting the wood.
– Finding trails of sawdust that is left behind from where carpenter ants have bored holes into the wood.
– A knife can very easily penetrate the surface of the carpenter ant infested wood from when the carpenter ants have created the tunnels in the wood, leaving the wood like an empty shell.
– Much like termites, the swarmer carpenter ants, or the reproducing ants, will leave piles of shed wings lying around near window sills, baseboards and vents after settling in a new area to build a new colony.
– Wood that is smooth to the surfaced, very reminiscent of carefully sanded down wood, and free of dirt, mud, and debris gives wide, abnormal galleries the carpenter ant has carved.
– Tapping wooden materials throughout the building that sound hollow are another indication.
– Seeing the carpenter ants themselves.

Carpenter Ant Control

Considering the devastation of damage they can cause and the costly repairs that will soon follow, if you suspect carpenter ants are invading your Virginia home, business, trees, stumps, or exterior structures, contact the professionals at Merlin’s Pest Control. Our technicians know the carpenter ant very well and are armed with knowledge and effective products and strategic application. We can efficiently remove carpenter ants from your home or business. Call Merlin’s Pest Control today to schedule your evaluation and assessment service, which following the inspection we will present the most optimal solution.

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