How to Eliminate Mice in Your Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ House & Yard; Signs of Mice Infestations, Diseases Spread & Damage Caused

No homeowner ever wants to hear that they have a mouse infestation. Mice are a resilient rodent that can easily gain access into your home. A mouse has the ability to squeeze itself through an opening that is no wider than a ball point pen. Right now you must be thinking of all the areas of your home that may have minuscule gaps you thought were insignificant. These gaps act as an open invitation for mice to waltz right into your home and start to multiply. Once inside of your home, mice will build small nests in cozy, dark spaces they find in your kitchen, garages and attics. Many homeowners fail to realize that they have a mice infestation until a great amount of damage has already been done. Contact Merlin’s Pest Control today to have your home inspected for any trace of mice and other rodents. Merlin’s Pest Control specializes in mice removal and control, protecting your home from the many dangers that an infestation of these rodents pose.

Signs of a Mice Infestation in Your Home & Attic?

There are a handful of sure signs that indicate mice are already inside of your home and wreaking havoc. It is important to become familiar with these signs so you can constantly be on the lookout for any indication of mice in your home. The biggest indicator is actually physically seeing a mouse inside of the home, whether it is running across your living room floor or chewing on a piece of dog food in your garage, if you see a mouse, then you’ve got a problem. Don’t be fooled into thinking that seeing only one mouse means that there is only one mouse in your home. This little guy probably has a big family hanging out up in the attic or inside your walls somewhere. If you are lying in bed at night and think you hear something crawling around in your ceiling or your walls, it is time to call in a pest professional from Merlin’s Pest Control to inspect your home for mice. If you notice little chew marks on boxes of cereal, crackers or other packaged food, then you have mice in your home. Lastly, if you notice droppings throughout your home, in the kitchen cupboard or on the counter, you have got mice in the home.

Mice Inspections, Control, Treatment & Removal in Bridgewater, Rockaway, Denville, Parsippany-Troy Hills & Northern New Jersey

Mice are very skilled acrobats, able to walk on very thin electrical wiring to get across your home. Not only will mice walk on these wires, but they will also chew them. When mice chew on the electrical wiring of your home, they create a dangerous possibility of an electrical fire. You will also have to pay an electrician to come in and replace or repair the electrical wiring throughout your home. Mice are carriers of bacteria, diseases, parasites and viruses. Mice leave urine behind in the kitchen and even on your food. If this food is consumed, you and your family are at risk of serious health issues. Humans can contract LCM which is a viral infection with symptoms that include fever, lack of appetite, headaches and nausea. Keep mice out of your home and protect your family from these threats with the help of Merlin’s Pest Control.

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