How to Eliminate Carpenter & Other Ants from Your Rockaway, NJ Home; Exterior Ant Pest Inspection & Control Tips

Ants are one of the most common pests that homeowners come into contact with. Ants can be discovered crawling around in bathrooms, laundry closets, kitchens and underneath sinks too. Ants have an advantage when it comes to gaining access into your home because of their small size and ability to fit through tiny cracks and crevices. Open windows, faulty screens and open doorways are an invitation for ants to come right into your home with little to no resistance. Once ants have successfully gained access into your home, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Merlin’s Pest Control knows exactly what it takes to eliminate the presence of ants from your home.

How to Get Rid of Ants in the House

There are a few steps you can take to reduce the chances of ants getting into your home. It is important to understand that once ants have gained access into your home, they will immediately begin searching for a reliable food source. One of the best ways to keep ants from discovering a reliable food source is making sure that your food is tightly stored away. Any packaging that is left open or unsealed makes it very easy for ants to get into. Be sure to clean up after every meal and sweep up any crumbs that are on your floor. Crumbs may seem small and insignificant to you, but to an ant it can serve up as an entire meal for their colony. Ants leave an invisible scented trail that leads from food to nest, making it easy for other ants in the colony to locate the food that has been discovered. Take the time to keep a tidy kitchen and tightly stored food to prevent ants from relying on your food as their own.

Performing an Exterior Inspection of your Home Will Assist in Keeping Ants Away

Another great way to decrease the chances of an ant infestation from happening inside of your home is to perform an exterior inspection around your home. Ants can squeeze through the most miniscule space to gain access into your home. While performing an exterior inspection around your home, look for any areas that look to be separating, creating space for ants to crawl through. There may be areas of your home that require some repair around the exterior to close up any open spaces. Closing up these spaces will not only prevent ants form getting into your home, but also other pests and rodents.

Signs of Carpenter Ants; Protect Your Home from the Damage of Carpenter Ants

The most destructive species of ant is the carpenter ant. It has the ability to eat through the materials that make up your home and weaken your home’s structural integrity. Carpenter ants can get into your home by climbing up vegetation that touches your home, so take the time to trim all trees and bushes so branches do not touch your house. Take the time to remove any dead stumps on your property; this can be quite an attraction to carpenter ants.

Ant Pest Inspections, Prevention, Control & Removal in Bridgewater, Rockaway, Denville, Parsippany-Troy Hills & Northern New Jersey

Merlin’s Pest Control technicians are highly trained to deal with carpenter ants and all other ant species that can threaten your home. Contact Merlin’s Pest Control today to protect your home from the presence of ants.

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