How to Deal with Cockroaches in the Kitchen & Other Areas of Your House or Apartment Home

The summer weather is in full swing and with it comes all kinds of pests. The pests that invade your home are often different during this season than others but some pests remain a problem year round. While cockroaches are active during winter, they are also one of the most common pests around summer too. They are in constant search of food and moisture and will go anywhere to get it. That includes in your home. A cockroach is a terrible pest to find in your home since they are known to carry and spread dangerous bacteria. The bacteria is normally on their legs and as they pass across the surfaces in your home they are leaving it behind. You may come across this bacteria just by simply touching the same counter. This can lead to someone getting sick and not feeling very well at all. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep cockroaches away year round.

Merlin’s Pest Control lists tips that you can use to help keep cockroaches out of your home

Clean Up Food & Crumbs: The main way to entice a family of cockroaches into your home is to leave out a full course meal! You might think that you have put away the food you used to cook with so you should be good. That is just not true. A cockroach can easily feed on small crumbs that are found on the floors and on dirty dishes and counters. The crumbs are enough to sustain a cockroach even though it seems like a small bit. Make sure that you secure all your food in an air tight container. Also clean up all dirty dishes and wipe down the counters and floors. This will take away the food source and will deter them from coming in.
Seal Up Any Pest Entry Points: If you want to stop cockroaches from coming inside you want to seal up all the areas that they are able to gain access o your house. This can be gaps in the weather stripping on doors or windows. You can replace the weather stripping by going to a home improvement store. You can also scan the exterior of the home for cracks in the stucco and siding. You can use caulking to seal up the gaps. Stopping them from entering is a great way to prevent cockroaches all together.
Keep Shrubs Cut Back: You also want to eliminate the areas that cockroaches are known to hide. This can be in the bushes and shrubs around your home. Make sure that they are cut back and away from the house. Also clean up leaves and debris off the ground as well. This will keep cockroaches away from the house and get rid of many of the places they like to hide.

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Hire A Pest Control Company! You can also make sure that your home is treated for pests on a regular basis by using a pest control professional. We are able to treat for current pest infestations as well prevent other pest problems as well. This is a great way to stop cockroaches and other pests that tend to invade homes in the summer and other times of the year.

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