How to Avoid Stings & Protect Your Wood from Carpenter Bees in Denville, NJ; Getting Rid of Carpenter Bee Pests

Most pests become more active when the weather warms up and summer arrives, carpenter bees are no exception to this fact. From a distance carpenter bees can easily be mistaken as a bumble bee or honey bee, but they are quite different when it comes to behavior, habits and up close appearance. Carpenter bees are big black solitary bees that have bare shiny backs. Carpenter bees do not reproduce in hives, but they drill into wood in order to lay their eggs. Carpenter bee holes are perfectly round and about 1/4th inch in diameter. Merlin’s Pest Control specializes in removing carpenter bees and keeping them away. If you think you have a carpenter bee problem around your home or property, contact Merlin’s Pest Control immediately.

How to Protect Wood from Carpenter Bees

There are many areas of your home that carpenter bees find attractive. Any wood on your home, like your eaves, deck, siding, wood fences, garden boxes and the list can go on and on. All of these areas are perfect for carpenter bees to drill into and lay their eggs. Carpenter bees do prefer soft wood like cedar, redwood and Cyprus, but that does not mean that they will not also invade pine and other species of wood. Even pressure treated wood is not immune from carpenter bee attacks. As a carpenter bee drills into the wood, coarse sawdust can be seen coming out of the hole and piling up somewhere below. Carpenter bees work very quickly and have the ability to drill several 2-3 inch deep holes in a very short amount of time. If carpenter bees have established themselves on or near your property, there is no piece of wood that is safe from their work unless you contact Merlin’s Pest Control to prevent any further damage.

Female Carpenter Bees will Sting when they feel Threatened

Male carpenter bees do not sting, but female carpenter bees can sting and will do so if they feel threatened. A sting from a carpenter bee can become dangerous, especially when the person who is stung experiences an allergic reaction from the venom of the carpenter bee. One of the main problems that homeowners experience is that carpenter bees tend to come back to the same place each year to nest and create enough holes and tunnels to weaken the structure of your home, fencing, decking or other wood structures. If carpenter bees are allowed to linger for long periods of time without being treated by a professional pest control service, the structural integrity of your home can be damaged and have long term implications and costly repairs. Merlin’s Pest Control will protect your family from carpenter bee stings and help prevent structural damage carpenter bees can inflict on your home.

Carpenter Bee Pest Inspections, Control, Treatment & Removal in Bridgewater, Rockaway, Denville, Parsippany-Troy Hills & Northern New Jersey

The best way to protect your home from carpenter bees and other pests this summer is to hire Merlin’s Pest Control service to keep annoying pests at bay.

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