How Does Merlin's Pest Control chooses a material to use

Home owners from Ringoes and from Wayne recently asked us about one of the most commonly asked concerns. The question in some form is about the materials that may be used for a treatment. It may be a termite treatment, a bed bug spray, or a more general type of pest control. Today lets start this response at the beginning with what it takes to get a material/ ingredient approved by the EPA for sale in the USA. The EPA is tasked with making sure all pesticides used in the USA are effective and must first ensure that the pesticide when used properly (label directions) can be used with relative certainty of no harm to humans and without posing unreasonable risk to the environment. The EPA requires over 100 different scientific studies and tests. Also all pesticides are reviewed on a ongoing regular basis. This high standard is the starting point of our decision making. We at Merlin’s are constantly reviewing the performance of existing ingredients and watch and review new products. We will choose a material on how well is performs against the pest we are addressing and situation it is in. We also prefer ‘brand name’ materials as they are always refined and formulated to the highest order. Odor and staining properties are important. Also important is where that ingredient is manufactured. Is it in a scorched earth facility or is it in a facility more concerned with the environment. Merlin’s Pest Control takes an environmentally thoughtful approach to pest control and that includes the choice of materials we choose to employ. The materials chosen are approved for use in hospitals, nursing homes, as well as your home or business. I hope this sheds some light on an important concern.

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