How do Get Rid of Flying Ants in Your Bridgewater, NJ House & Yard; Ant Pest Prevention & Control Tips

Flying Ants call Northern New Jersey Home this Summer

During the summer is the most common time when homeowners run into ants. Ants are more active in warmer weather and people tend to have more food out in the kitchen and outside during the summer, attracting ants from all around. One form of ant that is especially more present during the end of spring and beginning of summer is the flying ant. Flying ants are ants that have completely matured and are ready to mate. The most successful swarming of flying ants occurs on days that are warm, humid and have no wind, typically after a few days of rain have occurred. Northern New Jersey provides the perfect environment for flying ants to swarm this time of year.

Where do Swarming Flying Ants Come From?

A flying ant can be very frightening to some who encounter them, but keep in mind that a flying ant has only one thought in mind and that is to mate. Once these ants are fully matured, they leave their colony to find a mate. During this swarming, the females find a male, mate and then go on to form a new colony. The males die after mating and the females move on. Many people fear that a group of flying ants will attack them, but this is very unlikely. However, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to interrupt flying ants, depending on their species; they still do pose a threat if you are not careful. If you are near fire ants that have matured and are flying and swarming, then there is still a chance a flying fire ant may sting you. Same goes with carpenter ants and other species that tend to be a bit more aggressive. It is best to leave them be while they are swarming to avoid getting stung or bitten.

Flying Ants in Your House?

It is important to pay close attention to any flying ants that you notice near your home. If flying ants are near your home, it means that they are mating and creating new colonies somewhere very close to your property or home. Some homeowners have even experienced flying ants inside of their house, which is a strong indication that an ant colony is already thriving somewhere within your walls. If you see flying ants anywhere inside your home or around the exterior, contact Merlin’s Pest Control immediately. Merlin’s Pest Control technicians are skilled and experienced in destroying and removing flying ants and ant colonies from your home and your property.

Flying Ant Pest Inspections, Control, Treatment & Removal in Bridgewater, Rockaway, Denville, Parsippany-Troy Hills & Northern New Jersey

Merlin’s Pest Control will identify exactly what type of flying ant is swarming around your home and eliminate its presence. Contact Merlin’s Pest Control today to keep your home free and clear from flying ants and any other pests that attempt to gain access into your home!

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