How Can I Pest Proof My New Home?

Purchasing a new home in New Jersey is an exciting time and shouldn’t be brought to a halt due to pests. If you have recently bought a new home or are actively looking for new real estate, always make sure to look for signs of infestation.

Look Over the Attic Insulation

The most common critters to creep into your attic are raccoons, squirrels and mice. These critters tend to burrow their way through the insulation and create nests out of the material. If you see any type of damage in your attic due to wildlife, immediately get your insulation replaced.

Check Under Decks, Porches and Sheds

Animals that tend to burrow, favor enclosed spaces underneath structures. Areas such as porches, decks, stoops, sheds and houses are common for these types of critters. New homeowners should search for places around these structures where holes have been dug out. Even if there is no more wildlife there, some creatures will take over the abandoned den.

Inspect the Roof

Prior to purchasing a home, take a walk around and see if there are any damages to the roof. If you see ripped, chewed or mangled shingles then this could be an indicator of an animal breach. Raccoons are incredibly strong and can claw through even the toughest surfaces. Additionally, squirrels use their teeth to cut holes into the roof. Make sure to check where the wood could be weakened or rotted. Check gable vents or holes for smudgy markings or guano; these are signs of bats.

Observe Gutters and Downspouts

Raccoons commonly climb through downspouts to access the roof. If you notice smudges, muddy footprints, scratches or dents, this could mean an animal has climbed the downspout.

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