Hornets, Wasps, and Yellow Jackets are thriving

2013 has had the perfect weather thus far for the proliferation of stinging insects- Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets. The number of nests is larger than it has been in years and the populations are larger as well. As a result the size of hornet nests will be very large also. Bright sunny days allow the insects to travel greater distances to forage. Regular rains coupled with increased foraging allows for very large populations. Hornet nests will seemingly appear out of nowhere as a large number pupate at once. Wasps will seem to be everywhere and if their exposed nests are found they will be longer/larger than one would expect. The nests and populations will continue to grow until the frosts begin in Autumn.

Yellow Jackets nesting in a house may chew through the sheet rock and end up exposing the nest to living areas of your house. This becomes a very hazardous situation as yellow jackets are very aggressive stingers and will readily attack any perceived threat to their nest.

Most people consider any stinging insect a bee. This is technically incorrect but understood. Merlin’s Pest Control offers a special and unique service for the removal as well as prevention of any stinging insect nest. It is called a Bee Free. The Bee Free is a comprehensive top to bottom/ front to rear service that eliminates and prevents any stinging insect from building a nest and guarantees the results until December 31 each year.

Special note Honey Bees are a precious asset and are critical to our food supply, if a honey bees’ nest is found it must be handles by a beekeeper to safely remove the bees without undue harm.

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