Hornets nest How To

Every summer we are asked ‘I have a hornets nest what can I do?’ The best way I can answer is to describe how we would approach it. First let me warn you this can be really hazardous! Lets describe the approach to a visible nest, it could be somewhere on your house, in a bush, or a tree. First we would line up our approach do we need a ladder, if so were will it be placed? Do we have some protective gear? We start the treatment with a wasp freeze/instant killer spray product. This is applied quickly, quickly is the key to everything now. Applied first to the entry hole then immediately to the entire exterior. This will kill the defenders waiting around the entry hole and the defenders/workers on the exterior and buy us a few seconds. Now we need to eliminate the workers inside the nest. The inside is not a wide open floor plan. There are ‘floors’ and in late July there would be 3 or 4. These are the honeycombs that held the eggs and pupae and now act as floors the the workers rest on. If you were to continue spraying the starting product in the entry hole it would not reach half way back into the nest resulting in a partial kill but entirely motivating all of the remaining survivors to eliminate you! !! If you are to try to continue with this product you will have to create an opening into the nest at the midway point as well at the top of the nest. Apply product generously. We would apply a different product or two into the entry hole. They would have the chemical characteristics to ‘float’ around the floors and thoroughly treat all interior surfaces and eliminate all present workers and queens. Think first and good luck! We would rather not receive your call from the ER requesting we come out and remove the nest.

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