Honey Bees Extermination

Honey Bees are true bees. The word Bees to many refers to all the flying stinging insects including true bees, wasps,and ¬†hornets such as yellow jackets. Honey bees are those bees that forage for pollen and turn it into honey. Honey ¬†bees are very important to our environment and food supply. Honey bees in fact are precious assets that we need to protect and they are. Honey bee infestations are rare. Bee hives can have very large populations and last for years. If you suspect a honey bee infestation either you could call Merlin’s for identification or bring a sample to the Rutgers County Extension nearest you for identification. If it is honey bees, then you will need to contact a beekeeper interested in removing the colony. Fortunately in today’s world with the internet that is easy, just Google ‘new jersey beekeepers’ and go through the list. The beekeeper will do what needs to be done to remove the colony, after which the hive will have to be opened up for all the honey and wax to be fully removed and cleaned out.

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