Home Service Plan Protection explained

We are often asked what type of service plan is the Home Service. First, it is not a clever marketing name. It is an annual service plan for homeowners. It is the type of plan that people have to provide a pest free environment for their families. We have customers who have had their children grow up and purchase their own homes who now have Merlin’s Pest Control providing service as well. (Hoping to soon have our first three generation family. We have a number of two generation customers, parents’ homes and their children’s homes as well.) It is also the type of plan that customers when selling the house present the service to the buyers in such a way the new owners choose to stay with Merlin’s Pest Control. We have houses where we are on our second or third homeowner and we have homeowners where we are on our second house together.

Merlin’s Home Service Plan is an annual plan for homeowners that covers a number of pests that regularly infest homes including mice, silverfish, millipedes, ants- all ants even carpenter ants, rats, crickets, and spiders. The plan also covers bees(wasps, hornets,etc) that are serviced on a regular visit without a ladder. If a ladder or special visit is required, a discounted charge would apply. Other pests such as termites, bees(full coverage), and/or stinkbugs can be added.

Merlin’s Pest Control services homes under the plan four times a year. We have found this to be the most effective timing for maximum results. The plan also covers without any addition charge for covered pests any extra services as needed. The regular servicing of a home eliminates pests and continues to provide preventative measures to reduce and ┬áminimize future pest issues.

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