Merlin’s General Home Pest Control Service Plan, Pest Control, Rockaway, NJ - Merlin's Pest Control

Our Home Service Plans are renewable annual services that offer corrective actions as well as preventive measures. They are designed with your home and particular situation in mind.

Merlin’s General Home Pest Control Service Plans

The plans provide a custom service based on the season and your individual requirements. We will keep a vigilant awareness of your home and potential pest concerns. You will be notified of all we do.

What pests are covered under these plans?

Our service plans cover a variety of pests that include Ants, Stinkbugs, Spiders, Bed bugs, Centipedes/Millipedes, Rats/Mice, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Springtails
Beetles, Bees, Crickets, Fleas/ticks, Mosquitos, Carpenter Ants and Bees, Termites and many other common pests.

How often and how many services are included?

We offer both three and four services per year depending on the right plan for you. Our services are targeted to treat and service when it is most effective in the season.

Why Merlin’s Pest Control?

Since 1988 Merlin’s has serviced thousands of customers in New Jersey. Our customers readily recommend us to their friends, family, neighbors, and to the people they sell their homes to.


All of our pest management professionals are insured and fully licensed by the State of New Jersey.

We are a comprehensive pest management company. Ask about our other services including termite and “Bee Free” service.