Flying Ants Swarming

Flying ants are swarming all over the area. Flying ants in a bedroom window in Bridgewater, flying ants in a Flemington kitchen, flying ants at a Morristown front door entry, and in dozens of other towns. Lawyers had ants swarming in their Parsippany offices! These flying ants that are swarming now are reproductives. The reproductive ants are coming out now in a mating flight. They are anxious to make more ants and want to mate before the weather turns much colder and harsher.  Ant colonies that are healthy and feel able to expand will produce reproductives that fly out into the open to meet, match up, and mate. The fertilized females (queens) then return to the nest to lay eggs to add to the population and growth of the colony. These flying ants are a warning of a serious ant situation that needs to be addressed. Ant colonies healthy enough to produce reproductives will only continue to grow unless acted upon. You certainly would not want to have ants show up when dining, climbing on a bed or crib, or foraging in the garbage then walk across the kitchen counter spreading all that bacteria!

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