Flying Ants and Termites

First, I would like to share a major accomplishment by our own ‘Termite’ Tom Doherty of Rockaway. Tom has recently passed his exam as a CI _Credentialed Inspector. Only 5% or less of professionals achieve this distinction and we are very proud of him. This is now the time that termites ‘swarm’, that is the reproductives fly out to mate and enlarge the colony. Some people call them flying ants because they look similar to ants ┬ábut they are termites. Ants will ‘swarm’ later in the year when it is warmer. If a swarm happens to you, you should have a sample examined by an expert such as Merlin’s Pest Control or taken to a Rutger’s County Extension. Some easy to see differences between ants and termites are termites loose their wings quickly so if you find loose wings lying around they are from termites. A termite reproductive body is always black, yes I know the workers are white, ants can be any color. It is also very important to keeping mind that once the swarming season starts nothing can stop it until all the reproductives have flown out. The reproductives climb into position in the castles, the special termite tubes reserved for swarming, and they remain in place until they decide to fly out and mate. This may be in one massive swarm or it may be in a couple swarms over a few weeks whenever the reproductives feel conditions are good.

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