Finding Ticks Everyday

We keep hearing from all over north jersey ‘I am finding ticks everyday’. Experts had predicted a severe tick season and they are being proven correct. Ticks are a danger not just to you and your children but also to your pets. You may regularly use a tick and flea treatment but they usually take up to 48 hours to kill a tick. In 48 hours a tick may be able to pass on to your pet Lyme or some other disease. This is why many vets also recommend a Lyme Disease shot. Lyme Disease is not curable, it is medically treatable but not curable. The CDC, Center for Disease Control, has examined the tick treatment methods available and have designated a design that is preferable. It is preferable because it works the best. Rutgers University under the late Dr. Vasvary researched tick behavior and promoted this treatment scheme. Not surprising other universities studying ticks also came to the same conclusion. Merlin’s Pest has been utilizing with great success this tick treatment protocol since it has been known. Two treatments per year and your property can be protected from ticks and the diseases they transmit.

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