Fall Pest Control Preparation in Bedminster, NJ; Perimeter Property & Outdoor Pest Inspections

As the fall approaches, homeowners prepare their homes for the cold months ahead. What some people will neglect is pest control prevention preparation. There are many contributing factors when it comes to pest infestations. Taking some precautions to minimize pests from getting into your home this winter is ideal. Many pests will come into your home to escape the frigid temperatures and look for a comfortable space with a convenient food source. By applying the steps below, you can significantly reduce the amount of pests gaining entry into your home this fall and winter.

Pest Control Preparation Sheet for Fall

1) Manicured Landscape. Following the fall pruning and hedging, immediately dispose of the waste appropriately and do not pile it up. When pruning, be sure the bushes and tree limbs do not make contact with your home or the roof. Avoid letting leaves accumulate and routinely maintain the fallen leaves. Distribute your mulch approximately 12” away from the house.
2) De-clutter. Return all of the landscaping and gardening equipment to the garage or shed. Remove any trash, leaves and other debris that are cluttering around the home. If you have any piled up building materials like unused bricks, stones, blocks of wood, including firewood, relocate them as far from the house as you can in neatly organized piles and on pallets if possible.
3) Clear Gutters & Downspouts. Keep the gutters and downspouts clean by clearing out any debris such as leaves, sticks, dirt and other grit and grime that collects in the gutters and downspouts as this environment make a natural home for many pests. Be certain the downspouts are directing the water flow away from the structure.
4) Outdoor Trash Bins. With the lids consistently fastened, relocate trash bins as far as convenient from your home. Looking for food and warmth, insects and pests are attracted to the trash bins.
5) Replace Bulbs. To hinder the pests with the yellow sodium light bulbs that are designed to not attract insect life, replace your ordinary exterior bulbs.

Property Perimeter & Outdoor Pest Control Inspection

Conduct a thorough inspection around the exterior your home and when performing your search, keep an eye out for the following weaknesses pests use to their advantage.
Foundation. Seal up appropriately any cracks and holes that you may have found during your inspection of the exterior foundation.
Roofing. Rotting or deteriorating wood from the eaves, fascia boards, and flashing need to be replaced.
Access Barriers. Covering should be installed on all attic vents are sealed tight as well as any utility lines.
Screens. Repair or replace accordingly the screens of your window and doors.
Weather Stripping & Caulk. Seal or install weather stripping and caulk if you can see light shining through the seams or a draft.

Professional Pest Management

In addition to the above tips, contact Merlin’s Pest Control and let our experts fortify your home with protective barriers to reduce the pests invading your home this fall. Our experts will customize your pest control needs to prevent common pests from appearing as well as specific needs you have issues with. Contact us today!

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