Exterminating bees, wasps, hornets

Now that the weather is finally catching up to the calendar, bees, wasps, hornets including yellow jackets are much more noticeable. The queens who were able to survive the winter are now out starting nests. The queens which can be a little larger than the norm seem to bounce from point to point along a house or similar structure, brush, etc looking for a place to start their nest for this year. Once a queen has found her spot she will construct a small honey comb with a dozen or so eggs. She will forage for and feed these this first brood. Once the first brood is able to fend for themselves they will attend to the queen and all the foraging and nest building for the rest of the year. The queen will proceed to lay eggs at a pace the colony can support until cold weather hits. The size of the colony will depend on the weather. Bees, wasps, hornets require water (rain) as well ¬†sunshine for navigating long distances foraging. Queens searching for a nest site can be annoying because there really is nothing to treat. Preventative treatments can be very effective if they are meticulously done such as Merlin’s BEE FREE. Top to bottom, front to back treatment of any potential nesting sites can discourage nesting as well as eliminate any new nest recently started.¬†

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