Exploring DIY Pest Control for Your Morristown NJ Home

Now with social media on the rise, there are thousands of posts discussing DIY pest control. It can be quite tricky to determine which information is accurate. Let’s explore some of the most common pieces of pest control advice that’s been floating around the internet.

Fiction: Putting Cheese on a Mousetrap

On TV, cheese is commonly found on mousetraps to entice mice. However, the best way to lure in mice is by using peanut butter.

Fact: Keep Pests Away with Bay Leaves

Put bay leaves in or around your flour, rice and dried pantry staples. You can either tape the leaves around the canister or put them during in the food.

Fact: Eliminate Fruit Flies with Vinegar

Fruit flies are attracted to your Morristown kitchen because of the sweetness of rotting or decaying fruit. Add a cup of vinegar covered with plastic wrap to combat a fruit fly infestation. Also, make sure to cover cups with plastic and add a couple of small holes so that the fruit flies can enter but never leave.

Fiction: Spray Peppermint Oil on Webs to Eliminate Spiders

Spraying any liquid that isn’t water on a spider web will cause the spiders to leave and create a new one nearby. In turn, you’re left housing spiders.

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