Effective Flea Pest Control; Signs of Fleas on Cats, Dogs, Humans & in Your Rockaway NJ House & How to Get Rid of Them!

Fleas are one of the most annoying and frustrating insects that humans will come into contact with. Their small reddish brown bodies live and breed on common household pets like dogs and cats. Fleas feed on blood, whether it’s from your four legged friend or from you and your family; fleas use their long legs to jump from victim to victim. These long legs also allow fleas to jump from animal to furniture and from furniture to carpet. Fleas usually find shelter and lay their eggs in carpets, couches and even mattresses. Merlin’s Pest Control is skilled and experienced in identifying fleas and removing them from your home.

If You Do Not Have a Cat or Dog, You Are Still at Risk of Having Fleas in Your Home

Many people believe that if they do not have a family pet then their chances of having fleas in the home is zero. This is not true; flea infestations are common especially in the case of new homes. The previous owner or a neighbor may have pets and this could mean that fleas are already inside of the home. Sometimes household pests like rats and mice can also bring in a flea infestation without the assistance of a family pet. In most cases, flea infestations occur due to neighborhood pets lounging near your home or perhaps you have purchased a used piece of furniture from a yard sale. Merlin’s Pest Control will successfully track down the locations of fleas within your home and eliminate them.

Signs that you May have Fleas in your House

There are a handful of signs that point to a flea infestation within your home. One of the most common signs that indicate a flea infestation is your family pet’s endless scratching. Once fleas get onto your pet, they usually set up their habitat in hard to reach places like the head, neck, tail, and armpit or groin area. If your family pet is constantly scratching and pawing at these areas and seems to be in great discomfort, then it is likely that there are fleas in the house. Hair loss from your pet is another strong sign that fleas are in the house. If you notice patches of hair suddenly missing from your pet, then they most likely have a flea problem and fleas are probably jumping off of your pet onto your carpet and laying eggs in your home.

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