Damage caused by mice in Ridgewood, NJ and Kinnelon, NJ

2014 has been a winter filled with mice. The mice population cycle is on the up swing. Recent talks have reminded me of two of my personal favorite first hand experiences with mice. Way back in 1976 or 1977 I responded to an emergency mouse call in Ridgewood, NJ. A beautiful old house on the west end. This family was experiencing unusual heating behavior. The heat would either come on and not go off for a whole day or the heat would not come on at all and everyone was freezing. It took the heating company a couple of visits before a supervisor pulled out the wiring between the furnace and the thermostat. The supervisor then found a large section had been chewed bare by mice. Apparently when the mice travelled one direction they turned the heat on and when they travelled the other it went off and stayed that way. The homeowner expected immediate massive mouse destruction Рa mission I gladly began. The second story occurred in that gated community in Kinnelon, NJ called Smoke Rise. A homeowner had a mouse problem and as it expanded the mice chewed out a corner of the overhead garage door. The homeowner determined to stop it screwed on a thicker piece of board. The mice soon chewed through that as well. Still determined the homeowner bolted on a metal plate . The mice responded by chewing a new hole at the end  of the metal plate in a new section of the wooden  overhead door.

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