Merlin’s offers cricket extermination services for the two basic types of crickets that are bothersome to residents in New Jersey, Field Crickets and Camel Crickets.

Merlin’s Cricket Removal

Field Crickets

  • Dark brown to black with rounded wings that almost cover their bodies. Some would say they look like jumbo shrimp with legs
  • Primarily found outdoors in fields, pastures, and yards where they feed on a variety of plants
  • Known for singing or chirping during the night. What you’re hearing is the male Field Cricket trying to attract a mate. As the chirping becomes louder and more frequent, these crickets become a nuisance both inside and outside the home

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Camel Crickets

  • Also referred to as Cave Crickets
  • Do not chirp as often as Field Crickets
  • Got their name because of their humped-backed bodies and spider-like legs
  • Tan in color and do not have wings
  • Seek environments that are cool, damp, and dark, which is why they’re commonly seen outdoors under tree logs, stones, firewood, and plants
  • Become problematic when there are drastic changes in weather conditions
  • Will begin to invade a home to find cool, moist places such as crawl spaces, basements, and garages
  • As infestation continues to grow, small dark fecal smears of surfaces will become present
  • Mostly a nuisance pest, but can cause damage to garments, linens or stored items

Whether you are hearing crickets inside or outside your home, the key to successful removal is treating the infestation right away. Our cricket removal specialists will use a combination of ingredients, both inside and outside your home to eliminate all crickets, while preventing new eggs from hatching. Call us today to take care of your cricket problem!