Common Spider Identification in Mount Olive, NJ; American House, Wolf, Black Widows & Brown Recluse Spiders

There are a number of species of spider that often find their way into homes and businesses. Some may pose a health threat. Others are more of a nuisance. Whether or not these common spiders are venomous, most people still don’t like sharing their home or business with such a creepy guest. This is why it is important to keep up on a pest control management program. Merlin’s Pest Control will share some of the most common species of spider found in home and businesses, and help you fight against their intrusion.

Common Domestic American House Spider

The American house spider is one of the most common species of spider found indoors. Fortunately, house spiders are not venomous. They are considered more of a nuisance. They frequently make webs and then abandon them. In fact, house spiders often cover ceilings and corners of homes or buildings with their webs. Adult house spiders can grow as big as 5/16 of an inch long with the females being larger than the males. The house spider is yellowish brown in color, with darker chevron markings. Their abdomen is whitish in color. Their overall body shape is pretty thin and lengthy.

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are a larger species of spider with the female being larger than the male sex. They can reach up to 1 3/8 in length. Where these spiders can look quite large and intimidating, they are not aggressive and are rather harmless. They build their webs around their burrows where they wait and hide until their prey gets stuck in the outer web. The wolf spider is dark brown in color; with a tan or yellow striped marking on their stout-shaped body. Additionally they will have long spiny legs.

Black Widow Spider Facts

Probably one of the most misunderstood spider species is the Black Widow. They may look mean and nasty to us. Everyone knows to look for the red hour glass marking on their belly to know if it is a venomous female or not. Fortunately, black widow spiders are not an aggressive species of spider. They will only bite if they feel threatened. Most of the time a bite occurs when someone sticks their hand in a dark hole where the black widow is hiding out during the day. Black widow spider bites do hurt and can cause some serious damage to the human body. Some can recover without medical help. However when a bite does occur, it is best to get to the hospital to receive an anti-venom shot. Black widow spiders can grow up to 1 3/8 long with a distinct black greasy looking color and rounded body shape. Sometimes the males do have the red hour glass but all females have them. Female black widows are the most venomous.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Much like the Black Widow spider, the Brown Recluse spider has a bad reputation attached to their name. However, like the black widow spider that is also venomous, the Brown Recluse is not aggressive in nature. Like the black widow the brown recluse spider is designed to affect the nervous system and creates outer tissue damage. Some people don’t require medical care, while others will have severe affects from their bites. Again, these spiders will only bite if they feel threatened. Most often, they will try to run away before attacking anything they don’t eat. These spiders grow up to ½ inch in length. They are tan to dark brown in color, with a violin shape marking on the back of their head.

Spider Extermination

Most common spiders that we find in our homes and businesses don’t pose much of a problem. However, it is in our human behavior to not want any spider species around us. Instinct tells us they are dangerous. Most people shy away from any insect due to this instinct and not just because they look creepy. It is important to keep pests out of our indoor environments and to have a regular pest control management program. If you’re under invasion by spiders or any type of pest, contact Merlin’s Pest Control and start your pest management program today.

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