Common Fly Species Identification in Budd Lake, NJ; How to Get Rid of Bottle, House, Fruit Flies & More

When you are dealing with pests over the summer, one that is sure to cause chaos in your home are flies. They are an annoyance and even more so they can risk the health of your family. They are known to carry bacteria on their feet and as they walk along the counters in your home leaving traces of germs and bacteria behind. Then you let your kids eat and touch the same surfaces and that is how the bacteria can be spread. The other problem is that most people have no idea how to deal with them. The option that is used most often is grabbing a fly swatter and waiting for the fly to land. You are then stuck waiting to see if you can sneak up on them to swat them down. That option can take a serious amount of time and there always seems to be the few that you just can’t find. The great news is that there is a professional pest control option. Before you are go off and start dealing with them you might want to know what species of fly you have in your home. There are a few species of flies that are present all summer long.

Merlin’s Pest Control Outlines the Top Species Of Flies You Might Find In Your Home

Bottle or Blow Fly: One of the flies that seem to be a problem for people in the summer months more so than other times of the year is the bottle fly which is also known as the blow fly. The most distinguishable characteristic about a bottle fly is that they have a unique coloring. They have a metallic coloring that is often in blues and green tones. They are an annoyance to most homes because they also make a noisy buzzing sound that can keep you up at night. They tend to cling to garbage cans, walls and ceilings. The problem that you will find with a bottle fly is that they tend to reproduce quite fast. The female bottle fly will lay about 2000 eggs in her life and the biggest concern is that they can hatch in just a few short days. You can have a major infestation on your hands in a short amount of time. They also are known to land and feed on carcasses, garbage and animal feces. They carry bacteria around with them that can be a problem for your home and family.
Common House Fly: When you think of the flies that are found most commonly in your house it is of course the common house fly. This fly is known by its general grey coloring and along the thorax there is found black stripes. They are found feeding on foods, animal waste, pet food, garbage and other pests. They have an even faster breeding process than the bottle fly. The females will hatch their eggs in as little as 12 hours!
Fruit Fly: Yellow, brown or a mottled variation in color with bright red eyes, fruit flies are not surprisingly most often found infesting fruit. They can also be commonly found hovering around fermenting residues found in pubs and breweries as well. Fruit flies breed in rotten fruit, dirty drains and as disgusting as it sounds; even cleaning utensils! They can complete their development to adult in just one week!

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