Cockroaches Invading Bridgewater NJ Homes & Businesses; American, German & Oriental Cockroach Pest Control

What can be said about cockroaches? Most people’s first responses are they are repulsive, gross, and vile. Unless children’s cartoons go out of their way to make them adorable like a dog, there are very little pleasant things said about them. Generally, cockroach infestations in homes suggest a filthy, post apocalyptic zone where they may gain imaginable power from nuclear waste. As roaches have the nasty habit of not being too picky where they wander or even live; even the most pristine abode can suffer from an infestation from time to time. Cockroaches are found throughout the world in the vast number of species of cockroaches but fortunately only a handful live in the United States. Cockroaches like most pests, know nothing of manmade boarders, so they can be transported knowing or unknowing from state to state. However, there are three more commonly found cockroaches found invading New Jersey homes.

Merlin’s Pest Control expounds on those three species of cockroaches; the American, German and Oriental roaches intruding into your New Jersey abode.

American Cockroaches: These nasty little pests are one of the bigger roaches found in the U.S., growing up to two inches long. But being one of the larger roaches, they are capable of squeezing through the tiniest of cracks. Despite their namesake, experts believe they derived from Africa, being introduced to North America centuries ago. American cockroaches are found in both homes and businesses. Their preferable habitats are warm dark and moist areas. Basements being the most likely place they are attracted to, along with sewers. Drains and pipe systems are the way they generally make entry from. These roaches will dine on nearly anything, especially other insects and plant matter. American cockroaches are generally a reddish brown color, with a remarkable yellow “figure 8” pattern adorning their heads. When the lights flicker on, they skitter very quickly, usually causing the individual with a slight start.
German Cockroaches: German cockroaches are not only found in New Jersey homes, but they are also plentiful across the country. German roaches come in brown to dark brown colors. They are a bit smaller, coming in between ½” to 5/8” long. Along with being found in kitchens, they also inhabit bathrooms as they enjoy warm, damp areas. German cockroaches are prone to sweet and floury foods, and will munch on toothpaste and books. They have wings, but are flightless and will emit a pungent odor if they are frightened.
Oriental Cockroaches: Oriental cockroaches grow up to an inch long, and are darker than most species. They will banquet on everything and anything, including garbage, fecal matter and organic materials. These little crawling roaches prefer dark moisture places to call home. This makes sewers, basements, crawl spaces, decaying firewood or leaf piles home. They despise the frigid cold months, and will always try to move indoors whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Cockroach Diseases Carried & Spread

No matter the species of cockroaches, their similarities are many. The reason roaches should be avoided is because of their nonchalance to where they traverse and their indifference to what they will eat. Cockroaches can pick up and spread germs, bacteria, and diseases. Mere contact with the surfaces they crawl over will be contaminated. Food or even areas where food is prepared can potentially harm you. Cockroaches have also contributed to allergy suffering. In a nutshell, cockroaches are not only creeping looking, they pose a threat to your health and damage property.

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